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May 18, 2014
by zeehanz

Medical Billing And Coding: It’s Good To Get A Degree

One can obtain an Associates degree in medical billing and coding, and start working right away. There are many programs that can assist in learning the variances of the billing and coding field, but to obtain thorough learning, it is best to start a program, that takes you step by step through all the duties that would be required of this position.

Many who choose to earn an Associates degree in healthcare administration or medical billing and coding, know that it can take usually 18 months to 2 years. To fulfill the full 2 years usually means that much more time invested in your education, which usually compensates to a higher salary.

While it is certainly true that in some cases, new practitioners are hired at a physician’s private practice with little experience in the field. They are then trained by the staff or physician to engage in these types of duties, and can sometimes find a measure of success in this way. But the overwhelming truth is that without a degree many prospective employers won’t even give your resume a look.

They don’t have to because they have hundreds of candidates with just the right amount of education and experience that will allow them to jump in to a position with little to no learning curve. This is the optimal applicant that employers are looking for.

According to the career site medicalbillingancodings.com, billing and coding specialists can earn between $35,000 to $60,000 annually. If one is hired in a larger establishment the benefits packages are usually very handsome, as opposed to a smaller medical practice.

Of course, there can be a bit more stress in the larger firms, as there are usually volumes of cases to process. One really needs to weigh the options, to see what works best for their needs.

Earning The Degree Online

Where you aware that you could study for a degree in medical billing and coding online? Being that this industry is one of the fastest growing fields with many career opportunities. In the United States the medical fields are booming with health care jobs. Medical billing and coding is one of the most secure positions.

Billing and coding consists of recognizing a coding system that is to help doctors and insurers receive reimbursement for the services that they have either performed, in a doctor’s case or received as with a patient’s case.

To learn about billing and coding it is good for one to enroll in a certificate program that would allow them, upon completion, to take the exams, granting them a degree of specialization within the field.

Employers, who are considering an employee to fit their medical billing and coding positions, are more prone to hiring those who have invested in their own education, to learn the position to its best abilities.

July 26, 2013
by zeehanz

Surgical Technician Job Description

scrub-technicianA surgical technician is a person who works closely with surgeons, anesthesiologists, and some nurses. This person acts as the right hand to the individual that he or she is working with. The technician provides support in all areas of the medical field. He or she is relied upon to make certain preparations and adjustments. A surgical technician also goes by the nickname of scrub and operating room technician. He or she is a very important part of the medical staff and is dedicated to helping people in various situations.

Duties of a Surgical Tech

According to sccrac.org, a surgical technician does not just have one task to complete. He or she may be expected to do a number of things to assist other medical personnel. The individual may be responsible for preparing the operating room before an operation. He or she may have to sanitize the area and make sure all medical utensils are set up and ready for the operation. The individual may also have to prepare a patient for an operation. Surgical techs sometimes have to shave and clean the patients. They may also be expected to transport patients to the operating room.

Surgical technicians also take vital readings for patients and pass instruments to the operating physician during an operation. In some cases, such individuals will also get involved with helping to administer an anesthetic to a patient. A tech with a more advanced training may also assist with patients who are suffering from hemorrhages.

A surgical tech must be able to stand for hours and work long shifts. He or she must also have the desire to help people. The person cannot be sensitive to unsightly images and strong odors as some patients will be extremely ill. The scrub tech must be strong and compassionate toward the ill.

Training for Scrub Tech

Scrub techs do not have to be certified technologists, but most facilities prefer to hire those who are. An individual looking to work in the field can receive certification and training from a vocational school, a community college, or a hospital. The more training an individual obtains, the higher the potential he or she will have to obtain a larger salary. Classes range from nine to twenty-four month periods depending on the type of course the student decides to take. Some courses will qualify the student for a certificate while others will qualify him or her for a degree.

July 25, 2013
by zeehanz

The Male LVN Of Today

male-nurseWe, as people, have gone through the years assigning certain careers to the genders. As before, nurses and secretaries and teachers were generally for women and hard labor as in construction or engineering and even banking was for men. The battle of the sexes certainly had its place in the 1970′s, with the women’s liberation movement, but another aspect that was uncovered was that those jobs for women, especially in teaching and nursing, was just as appropriate for men as it was for women.

In today’s ever growing times, it has become totally acceptable for men to pursue a career in the nursing field. One such avenue of nursing as becoming a licensed vocational nurse, or otherwise known as an LVN, has become very popular. The need for these nurses has enhanced the career to be one of the best professions one can attain with as little as two years spent in an educational program.

Becoming Licensed

Once the examinations have been passed and licensure granted, one can be on their way to a career with many possibilities for a successful future. Many students use this career of LVN as a stepping stone to start their nursing education , while working in the field and continuing on with their educational pursuits to the higher degrees, as with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing, RN or in the various specialties that the nursing world has to offer.

The range of environments that an LVN, male or female can work has so many different options and opportunities. Many of the daily responsibilities may include but are not limited to, are administering medications,giving injections and vaccinations,starting IV’s for the RN on staff and even some phlebotomy work as in the drawing of blood.

Great Job Opportunities

One of the most intriguing advantages of nursing is the overwhelmingly endless opportunities. Before one would find employment in the physicians office or a hospital, but now, one can find work in those places as well as becoming a nurse who travels or teaches or one who works with disaster situations and victims, home healthcare, nursing facilities, physical therapy and more.

LVN’s either male or female can usually expect a starting salary of about $40,000 a year, which is not bad at all, considering one needs not spend years in college. With only two years of education under foot and clinical shadowing of RN’s, physicians and other healthcare professionals, one is ready to take the state examinations for their licensing.

May 22, 2013
by zeehanz

The Physical Therapist Assistant in Europe

Physiotherapist assistant is the term used in Europe that is more commonly known as a physical therapy assistant in the United States. The associations that are in support of the profession in the United States are not engaged in the European Union. Although there are dotted line relationships for professional purposes, each primary association functions autonomously from each other.

The European Region-World Confederation for Physical Therapy was formally established in September of 1998. The combination or merger of the Standing Liaison Committee of Physiotherapists of the European Union (SLCP), and the Regional organization of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) became the authority and support mechanism for all physiotherapists practicing in Europe.

This European non-profit, and non-governmentally associated, organization of professional medical associations of, by and for, physiotherapists from 36 countries (can also be automatically and simultaneously members of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy) are the vocal representatives of physical therapy to all European populations and European Union governmental entities.

European Salary’s for PTA’s

The career site http://physicaltherapyassistant.biz shows that the American physical therapy assistant salary is highest in states such as California, Texas and Connecticut where the demand for these types of professionals is continually expanding. But in other countries such as the European Union, the salary structures and thresholds is very different.

It is unknown why this profession seems to flourish in the United States, yet in Europe there doesn’t seem to be as much emphasis placed on the specialization that these care givers can provide. Unfortunately, there has been an attempt from time to time by hospital administrators to reduce overhead costs by cutting specialty fields in favor of reassigning tasks to the nursing staff.

It may possibly be a matter of culture or even a difference in medical standards and orthodoxy, but for some reason the salary levels experienced by European physiotherapist assistants (as they are called) is not as robust as those found in the United states. The entry-level salary threshold for relatively new physiotherapist assistants in the United Kingdom is, in the neighborhood of approximately $34,000 per year.

While experienced physical therapist assistants located in the US can, in a variety of employment settings and geographical locations command six-figure salaries, the medical practitioners outside of the United States are constrained by other factors that seem to set in place mechanisms to control the growth or expansion of salary thresholds.

One of the primary factors that can come into play is the very structure of the healthcare system in the UK, which is provided through a national system by the government, instead of the open market system in the US.

May 3, 2013
by zeehanz

Getting CNA Training And The Average Salary

nurse-aideThe work of a certified working assistant has never lost its appeal. This is especially true nowadays considering how much the medical professions are highly in demand and sought after. For this is the type of profession that will never be out of style because people will always value their health and are always in constant need of medical care not only to alleviate their illness but also for the longevity of their lives. This is where nursing assistants come in.

They are the people who get the hands-on experience with their patients and communicate with them so as to be able to find the perfect and right assistance they can provide their patients as well as their families. But before you will be able to do that, you need to pass certain cna requirements in order to do so. There are cna examinations and other requirements you need to accomplish before being able to practice the profession. This is where cna training comes in. This is what you need to make sure you pass the exam.

How Can You Get a High CNA Salary?

You are probably wondering about how to get the maximum salary for cna available today. A popular career site, http://cnasalary.biz suggests that if you are going to take the time to do the work that will aid you attain such a goal, you might as well come across what the earning potential is. A certified nursing assistant is a type of job that deals with different people regularly since you will be doing a set of your work in front of the public.

In order for you to earn the wage of a certified medical assistant, you will be assisting physicians in providing the top most quality health care by helping in organizational and clinical work. Apparently, your job will be making your patients feel more comfortable in the doctor’s clinic. In addition to answering phone calls and setting up schedules, supplying out all the forms with informations needed by insurance companies, and updating medical forms, you will also be helping people by exactly clearing up to them what type of medical procedures they will be partaking in.